Marldon Airwipes – Application & Principle

In the extrusion of soft materials (usually insulated cables and tubes), air wipes are necessary for the proper operation of in-line printers and spark testers to remove water droplets or films which otherwise would cause print failure or false fault counts (risking shock hazards to cable users).

Air wipes protect process instrumentation, such as spark testers or diameter gauges, from damage by water carried into or sprayed onto the equipment.

Marldon air wipes achieve maximum wiping action with modest air consumption because the wipe orifice can be easily set to the optimum diameter required with enough clearance to allow for whip and vibration.

Air consumption varies directly with the orifice size; the smaller orifice used, the lower the air consumption.

These air wipes generate less noise and more than meet (the UK) Occupational Safety and Health Act limitations for 50% exposure time at a distance of one metre in all directions, and (the UK) Health & Safety at Work Act for 85Db maximum at a distance of two metres.

(All Marldon airwipes cater for generally round materials – we offer no equipment specifically to handle flat or profiled materials although they may prove satisfactory).

Competitive Advantage

Marldon airwipes all offer the facility to vary the cable path orifice diameter thus allowing one airwipe to cater for a range of cables with equal efficiency for each diameter cable. This contrasts with other manufacturer’s products which usually offer fixed diameter orifices which means that a different unit will be needed to accomodate EACH cable diameter. With Marldon you only need one unit to cover the whole range of diameters.

And …for high speed airwiping, the Marldon model 838 is the only airwipe to break the surface tension of the water during the drying process – increasing efficiency.

dryers-link11. Adjustable Orifice Air Wipe

  • Model 688 – from 2 to 12 mm. dia. at speeds up to 350 meters / min..
  • Model 674 – from 3 to 22 mm. dia. at speeds up to 350 meters / min.
  • Model 685 – from 12 – 65 mm. dia. at speeds up to 350 meters / min


2. Adjustable Post Airwipe

  • Model 115 – from 50 to 115 mm. dia. at speeds up to 50 meters / min.
  • Model 150 – from 50 to 150 mm. dia. at speeds up to 50 meters / min.


dryers-link33. High Speed Airwipe

  • Model 838 – from 0.5 to 8 mm. dia at speeds up to 1000 meters / min.





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