WS932 Dual Head Hot Foil Cable Printer

WS932 Dual Head Hot Foil Cable Printer

The WS932 has two independent Allen-Bradley servo driven printing heads, enabling the print segments or the print wheel to be changed on one head, while the other is working.

Switching heads is achieved at the touch of a button, and takes about three seconds.

Fine length scale adjustments can be made on the run, in increments of 0.2mm (0.008″). Print wheels of one metre and two feet circumference are provided with appropriate 5 digit progressive numbering heads.

The WS932 Control Panel:

Each printing head has its own independent set of controls, and also indicators showing Wheel Temperature, Length Total, and No-Print total.

The controls grouped in the centre of the panel – the Changeover, Emergency Stop, and Foil Feed controls – are common to both heads.

The Foil Feed System:

he Dual Foil Drives can be supplied to suit bobbins for .25″ or .375″ wide foil. When the foil on the working bobbin is low, an audible alarm is set off, together with an amber flashing light. The second foil bobbin can then be quickly brought into use without loss of marking.

The Foil Accumulator holds a loop of foil in suspension, providing a snatch free feed to the print wheel. Should the print colour fail to appear the No-Print Detector will trigger an audible warning, and a red flashing light.

Used foil is picked up by a venturi take-off and fed into a filtered twin bag collection unit. As one bag fills, a hand lever operated Diverter Valve re-directs the used foil to the empty bag, with no break in the foil collection.

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