WS933 Cable Marking Machine

WS933 Cable Marking Machine

The WS933 incorporates an Allen-Bradley servo drive cable printer and is designed to print progressive measurements and legends in steps of one metre or two feet, at high speed and with extreme accuracy of print interval.

Robust construction ensures rigidity, which is the first requirement of high speed accurate marking.

Marking wheels of one metre and two feet circumference are quickly interchangeable, to minimise down time. Fine length scale adjustments can be made on the run, in increments of 0.2mm (.008″).

The comprehensive control panel includes the following features of primary interest:


  • Display of progressive total length throughput, plus progressive length of no-print throughput.
  • Marking wheel temperature.
  • Interval length scaling, metres or footage.
  • Power ON, emergency stop, alarms/alarm mute and other necessary controls.

As well as the progressive length numbering unit, the marking wheel of the WS933 has a full circumferential die locking facility for printing additional information. Unique W&S cages accept single die segments, for printing variable legends.

Should the print colour fail to appear, a ‘no print detector’ will trigger an audible alarm and a flashing red light.

Electro-pneumatic power enables the marking wheel to be swiftly raised and lowered to the pre-set marking position. Supporting guide rolls are multi-grooved to suit a range of cable diameters, and are provided with lateral and vertical screw adjustment.

The dual driven marking foil feed system can be built to suit any size of bobbin or foil pack.

Low state warning ensures continuity of foil feed.

An accumulator maintains foil in suspension, to ensure snatch free feed to the marking wheel.

Used foil is fed via a venturi take-off system into a filtered twin bag collection unit. As one bag fills, a hand lever throw valve diverts foil into the empty bag.

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