We are new flexible world supplier of waterblocking tapes, created end of 2012 by highly experienced team in the development, production and marketing of waterblocking and other tapes for cable industry. The company Ekstel has state of the art technology and equipment for production of waterblocking tapes, to achieve high quality products for world cable makers. With the quality system certified in accordance of ISO 9001-8000 by SGS, we implemented the highest quality standards and best praxis from automotive industry. Therefore, we are fully prepared to meet customers requests. With laboratory equipment for input, process and output control, we ensure stable quality. Traceability is ensured with IT system and needed documentations. The products are developed under our own technology and development, therefore new registered brand X-tra tapes® was created. Our customers have already checked our slogan: X-tra proffessional, X-tra efficient, X-tra fast – X-tra tapes®. Reasons listed above are the best indicator why our reference list is continuously expanding.



The products are developed according to the standard cable applications, where we would like to offer to cable makers the whole portfolio of tapes needed for their production. The main purpose of the waterblocking tapes is to prevent water ingress, as well as conductivity and special mechanical properties.


Main products group:

  • Nonconductive nonwoven tapes: XT…
  • Semiconductive nonwoven tapes: XTC…
  • Nonconductive waterblocking tapes: WXT…
  • Semicoductive waterblocking tapes: WXTC…
  • Reinforced semiconductive waterblocking tapes: WXTC…N
  • Semiconductive waterblocking buffering fabric: WXTC…B
  • Semiconductive woven tapes: XTC…W


  • Medium voltage cables
  • High voltage cables
  • Extra high voltage cables
  • Optical fibres cable
  • Submarine cables
  • Special cables

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